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Claims System/Information Technology

PECO Claim Administrators utilizes an Internet based claims management software program that supports the claims process (QISS). The system provides you with several applications for fast retrieval of individual claims or overall program results. The functionality of the system provides for monthly reports as you choose, what data you want to see, loss runs, and ad hoc custom reports. The credibility of the data is our utmost concern and as such there are backup systems that are utilized to monitor the flow of the claims to ensure the accuracy of the data. We can accommodate your needs on any custom report request.

Our claims software helps you to effectively manage your program and claims, and increase the efficiences of your process. The system is available 24/7 for your log in. Any required state or federal reporting as mandated by your state jurisdiction can be done from within the claim system.

This hosted Application Service Provider (ASP) model software has capabilities to track deductible recoveries on professional and general liability claims as well as subrogation and salvage recoveries. Utilizing a secured server, your data is always protected and all transactions are confidential.

  • Secured Applications Service Provider (ASP) model software
  • System generated acknowledgements and closing
  • Tracking of claims by treaty year
  • Tracking of aggregates
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Downloads on existing programs undergo a rigorous extensive data import process
  • S.I.R. adaptability
  • Customer service enhancements
  • Efficient real time data retrieval

Recovery Management

By providing you timely information, and the means to access and analyze it, we afford additional services at no extra cost. Our recovery process includes:
  • the handling and processing salvage recovery
  • handling of subrogation pursuits and collections
  • preparation of arbitration cases for submission and hearing
  • collection of third party deductibles on trucking liability, commercial, and professional lines
  • emphasis on early recognition to maximize recovery
  • spoliation of evidence considerations
  • extra-contractual review and analysis

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